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Establishing an Aboriginal Employment Plan

GV Health has this year established an Aboriginal Employment Plan to help create short-term and long-term pathways and opportunities for Aboriginal people to pursue careers in health.

GV Health promotes, encourages and supports a positive work environment for Aboriginal employees and students.

GV Health is actively working with other community organisations to foster school retention and encourage earlier consideration of various health career pathways.

Undergraduate and graduate placement opportunities are supported for Aboriginal students.

If you are interested in finding out more about employment, training or work experience opportunities at GV Health, please email tania.chisholm@gvhealth.org.au


Wurreker Award 2013

1.jpgGoulburn Valley Health won the Wurreker Award in 2013, in the Organisational Awards Category, for its commitment to fostering and encouraging the increased participation of Aboriginal people in the health workforce. The award also recognises this commitment as a key strategy in closing the gap in Aboriginal health.

This commitment is identified as a priority in the partnership agreement between GV Health and Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative, and has led to the development of GV Health’s first Aboriginal Employment Plan.

GV Health currently employs 1,400 effective full-time positions across a range of clinical and non-clinical disciplines.  This includes four identified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) positions made up of:

  • two Hospital Aboriginal Liaison Officers [HALOs]
  • one Aboriginal Mental Health Liaison Officer [AMHLO]
  • one Aboriginal Health Transition Officer [AHTO]

The AHTO role is an innovative position, established in August 2012 as part of a region-wide Closing the Gap initiative, aimed at improving the client journey between the hospital and primary care services. In particular, the position aims to reduce the number of ATSI people leaving the emergency department without completing treatment.   

The Aboriginal Liaison Officer program at GV Health was established in 1982 and has been an integral part of the services GV Health provides to the community.

HALOs and AHTO are involved in monthly orientation of all new and existing GV Health staff about their roles. 

GV Health staff participated in the 2013 Aboriginal Careers Day for high school students and Gambina students to promote careers in health.

The GV Health Hospital Tours program was expanded this year, in partnership with the Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative, to provide tours for Rumbalara staff and vice versa, for hospital staff to participate in tours of the Rumbalara facility.

Information sessions conducted with GV Health staff have significantly improved relationships between GV Health hospital staff, and the local Aboriginal community to address chronic health issues. ALOs and GV Health nursing staff work closely together to engage the Aboriginal Community when delivering health education information sessions on topics such as:

  • women’s health issues
  • pap screening
  • sexual health
  • breast care/mammograms.

While GV Health has developed stronger links with local Koori employment and training organisations, we believe we still have more work to do, to implement the Aboriginal Employment Plan as the next important step in this journey.