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Diabetes management success

L-R - Rebecca Monk, Mr Ian Johnstone, Amanda Capes, Judith Wilkinson, John KilmartinMr Johnstone, 57, was diagnosed with type two diabetes on his 30th birthday. He had a habit of drinking two litres of Coca Cola daily and his family had a history of diabetes.

The diagnosis meant injecting 220 units of insulin a day and a lifestyle where the smallest of tasks left him puffed.

However, Mr Johnstone turned his fate around with a nine-week transformation that meant he no longer needed insulin shots. He is also 25 kg lighter thanks to a low-calorie diet.

‘‘I was sick of being sick and it had to change; it was either that or die,’’ Mr Johnstone said.

‘‘I’m a lot more energetic now and it feels good. I can now drive by Maccas without going in.’’

Mr Johnstone credited the team of nine Goulburn Valley Health specialists and a no-carb diet for his success.

GV Health dietitian Rebecca Monk said she was proud of Mr Johnstone’s achievement.

‘‘I’m thrilled to see his achievement and it’s great to have the chance to improve someone’s day-to-day living,’’ Ms Monk said.

‘‘A great benefit of his weight loss is that he no longer needs the medication.’’

Ms Monk said Mr Johnstone’s transformation showed a diabetes diagnosis could encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

‘‘Diabetes does not have to be a life sentence or an imprisonment,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of people find they have better health outcomes after their diagnosis because they’re changing their lifestyles with the food they’re eating and exercise they’re doing.’’

Mr Johnstone’s wife Carol said she could not be happier with the result.

‘‘I’m absolutely proud as punch,’’ Mrs Johnstone said.