Providing health care around the clock


Keeping the community safe

Tristan CainesKeeping the patients, residents, visitors and staff at GV Health safe is a top priority; that is why there are at least four security officers employed by GV Health, as well as the services of a security contracting service.

Security services are active 24/7 for all buildings, units and car parks; staff and visitors can access after-hours security escorts to and from their vehicles to ensure their safety.

The Security Department provides assistance to all Departments and police officers when dealing with consumers and visitors who are affected by drug and alcohol issues. Security staff provide a physical presence to assist in deterring anti-social behaviour. The Security Coordinator monitors the CCTV system daily and provides information to police, as needed.

External patrols are conducted regularly to aid in the prevention of damage to GV Health property and vehicles. 

As the security team is also responsible for securing major entry points to the facilities, they are integral part of the Emergency Response team.