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Pap screening underscreened communities

Gay GiovanettiGaye Giovanetti, from GV Health, was acknowledged for her commitment to screening underscreened groups in the local community in the PapScreen Victoria Nurse Cervical Screening Provider Awards this year. 

Held every three years, the awards recognise the outstanding work of Victorian nurse cervical screening providers and the huge contribution they make to cervical cancer prevention in Victoria, particularly in underscreened communities. 

Many women prefer to see a nurse, and in particular a female provider, when having their Pap test taken. 

Nurse cervical screening providers are fundamental to the screening program. They provide women with more choice, making the program far more accessible and encouraging more women to participate. This is especially the case for some traditionally hard-to-reach groups, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and those from regional and rural areas.

More than 50 Victorian nurse cervical screening providers from around the state were nominated for an award in eight categories.

Gay Giovanetti is testament to the importance of nurse cervical screening providers in improving access and screening rates. 

She has worked tirelessly for more than 16 years to promote women's health amongst disadvantaged groups, leading educational sessions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women as well as refugee and new migrant groups.