Providing health care around the clock


Electricians on call 24/7

Tim LittleThere are many important jobs at GV Health, and not all of them are directly clinical in nature but each one makes a difference and helps ensure high quality, safe care can be provided.

When there are electrical issues or faults at GV Health, it is important to have electricians available to fix them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year.  Hospital staff cannot provide care and services to patients without power.

To ensure that power is available, GV Health has two A grade electricians on staff.

Tim Little, one of the staff electricians, is regularly rostered to be on call and recalled one example, when the Nurse Call system needed urgent attention.

“I received an urgent call around 2am to tell me that the Nurse Call buttons in one whole ward were all incorrectly going off at the one time and woke up the whole ward.

“I immediately attended the hospital to reset the system so everyone could go back to sleep and those who actually needed the nurse could call for assistance,” said Tim.