Providing health care around the clock


Keeping the organisation running

Ian Darveniza, Gary Hand, Darryen CarpenterWithout power and water, GV Health cannot provide health services 24/7; yet the Engineering department is not often heard about.

Engineering employs:

  • 2 Electricians
  • 2 Plumbers
  • 1 Carpenter
  • 2 Gardeners
  • 24/7 security services

Fire systems

  • There are more than 4,500 fire detectors within the Shepparton site alone plus all the fire detectors at all the other campuses
  • There are seven fire panels and seven mimic panels
  • Four fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire pumping system
  • And the Engineering department attends to all alarms 24/7.

Paging systems

  • 150 pagers are carried by staff for contacting emergency response personnel.
  • The paging system is connected to the fire system and the Building Management System. Alarms are automatically generated and sent to the appropriate people carrying the pagers.

Electrical Systems

  • Two new generators have been installed that can service all areas for at least 48 hours.
  • 60 electrical switchboards exist throughout the site and must be maintained.
  • There are two 22,000 volt electrical transformers.
  • 14,500 lights…that’s a lot of light bulbs when they need to be replaced.

Security Access system

  • There are 160 swipe-controlled doors across three sites (Graham Street, Community Health @ GVHealth and Seymour mental health)
  • 3,000 cards, staff and contractors have swipe access to doors

Duress Systems

  • There are 190 duress alarm points, which are tested monthly to ensure they are working.

Nurse Call systems

  • Every bed has a nurse call button for patients to ask for assistance.
  • A nurse can also use these buttons to call an emergency from the patient’s bedside.
  • These must be in working order at all times to ensure patient safety.


  • There are 53 plant rooms throughout the buildings with air conditioning units to service all areas of the hospital.

Chilled Water Systems

  • There are three chillers.
  • Chilled water at 5.5⁰c is pumped through approximately 5km of pipe work to service the air conditioning system.

Heating Water Systems

  • Hot water at 65⁰c  is pumped through approximately, 5km of pipe work to service the air conditioning system.
  • There are two boilers to maintain.

Engineering also manages:

  • Storm water systems
  • Sewer systems
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Domestic cold water systems
  • Instrument sterilizing machines
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Building maintenance
  • Building alterations
  • Gardens and grounds maintenance
  • Tatura campus
  • Waranga campus
  • Support to hospitals in Yea and Nathalia

All these systems require 24/7 maintenance; the on-call engineer can be called at any time of night or day and must be ready to respond.

The provision of healthcare does not stop for holidays. Many times, they have had to attend emergency call outs, even on holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.