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Improving dental services

Access to dental services

With the help of new Commonwealth Government funding in 2013/14, the GV Health Dental Service was able to improve access for patients to both public and private dental clinics, which in turn significantly reduced the waiting times for fillings and dentures.

Restorative re-treatment

The GV Health Dental Services is a teaching clinic, with re-treatment of fillings on par with the State average. There is a higher proportion of students working in the clinic than most other public dental clinics.

Some patients request fillings on teeth despite contrary advice and the clinic respects the patient’s wishes.

Unplanned return within seven days after extraction

GV Health performed 5,904 extractions during 2013.

The unplanned return rate is significantly less than the State and Regional average, despite an increase in the number of extractions. This is an excellent result in quality patient care.

Endontic treatment within 12 months (by extraction)

In 2013/14, there were 502 teeth treated and 35 of these were extracted at GV Health. 

Some teeth are treated as an open and drain procedure to relieve the patient’s pain and then extracted at a later date ( eg. as an addition to a denture, or patient preference to have it extracted ). This will often over estimate the figure, although GV Health remains within a standard deviation of the stage average.

Denture remakes within 12 months

In 2013/14, 1,169 dentures were inserted. Several patients lost their dentures soon after they were made, which kept us on par with the State average of remaking dentures.