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Improving privacy in ED

gv.health.2014-cropped.jpgHaving a walkway through the emergency department into the hospital meant that patients in the emergency room waiting area had no privacy at a time when they were quite sick.

It had become quite a high traffic thoroughfare for visitors to enter and exit the wards of the hospital.

To be able to provide patients with improved privacy and security, GV Health locked the door in the walkway during the day and now ensures that visitors enter through the main entrance of the hospital.

If there are legitimate reasons during normal operating hours to access the hospital via the emergency thoroughfare door, emergency triage/reception staff can quickly and easily provide access.

After-hours entry, between 8pm and 7.30am, is still via the emergency department thoroughfare.

The after-hours exit door is located opposite the haemodialysis department, for exits between 8pm and 7.30am.

If you have any feedback about this improvement at GV Health, please send it to us via theĀ Provide Feedback page.