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New digital x-ray equipment in Emergency Department

Linda Truong and Holly Kirby

It is 7pm and nine-year-old Holly Kirby had an x-ray in the emergency department after she tripped and fell over a hurdle at athletics training.

The digital x-ray quickly confirmed she had broken both her arms. Her arms were set in pink casts and she was able to go home with her family.

A new $320,000 digital radiography x-ray machine has been installed at GV Health’s emergency department, making it safer for patients, producing higher quality images and enabling the body to be scanned from almost any angle.

The new Siemens Ysio Digital Radiography System, which replaces a 15-year old x-ray machine, is capable of producing high quality digital x-rays and will help meet the demand of more than 16,000 patients per year who utilise GV Health’s emergency department x-ray facilities.

It also features a wireless detector that transmits x-ray images directly to a server. This means the device is more mobile and ensures that high-resolution images are available within seconds, enabling patients to be treated faster.