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Central Sterilisation Supply Department (CSSD)

Michael PowerCSSD is a department you don’t often hear about and yet it has the most important role in the organisation for sterilising and preparing instruments for the operating theatres and other patient-related procedures.

CSSD is a specialised area responsible for the collecting, decontamination, assembling, packing, sterilisation, storing and distribution of sterile goods and equipment to all patient care areas within GV Health.

Re-usable items are handled, cleaned, thermally disinfected and sterilized. Any potential infectious matter is removed and destroyed, thereby decreasing the risk of infection spreading to patients.

This high quality service is usually unseen and has an often unrecognised impact on successful patient outcomes. This small but mighty team of 13 staff members is committed to improving the patient experience by putting the patient at the heart of everything they do.

Audit Results: sterilizing unit

The sterilizing unit at Goulburn Valley Health achieved 97.7% compliance with mandatory criteria in 2013/14; and
95.5% compliance with best practice criteria.

This is above the 2013 internal compliance audit results of 92.3% for mandatory criteria and 84.3% for best practice criteria.