Providing health care around the clock


Stocking up to provide the right equipment to the right places

Daniel MarkovicEvery item that comes into GV Health comes through the Supply Department. This is a high traffic department and is the lifeblood for keeping the organisation running.

On average, more than 13,095 different items are delivered to the Supply department each month.

Of these, more than 9,655 items are stock items being replenished. The other 4,294 items are purchased for particular departments.

The Supply department has approximately 1,228 different items that are carried in stock with a current value of around $480,000, including many medical consumables from fluids, to needles, pads, ports, theatre packs, sharps containers, baby bottles and more.

All the stock is checked for accuracy of pricing and quantities delivered. Supply stock is then stored in each item’s location within the Supply warehouse and, in doing so, ensuring stock is turned around to ensure the first stock received in, is the first stock dispatched out.

Special order items purchased are forwarded to the respective areas or customers who ordered the items.

The warehouse staff have been wearing pedometers this year and it is not surprising to see the great distances they travel on a daily basis to ensure the right items get to the right places at the right times.

The lowest number of steps recorded on any day was 18,000 steps and the highest was 28,000 steps! The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 10,000 steps per day is a reasonable estimate of normal daily activity by healthy adults. These staff members are quite fit!

The numbers are accumulated in the course of performing normal duties - checking the stock held in each ward.  If any item needs replenishing, the staff scan the tags in the wards, return to the Supply Department to collect the items, then return to the ward to restock the shelves.

On a monthly basis the staff typically collect 9,452 different items to replenish stocks for the various Departments and in processing some 1,488 requisition orders as well.

The Healthcare Supply Shop, within the Supply department, sells healthcare supplies to GV Health departments, outside organisations, sporting bodies and individuals.

The shop carries more than 500 different lines of sporting tapes and bandages, various mobility products, incontinence products, food supplements and many other items.

If you need to purchase any healthcare-related items for your work, home or a sporting organisation, please call Noel Johnson on (03) 5832 2752, Monday to Friday to see how we can save you time and money.