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Encouraging best practice at GV Health

Vasudha IyengarThe Clinical Outcomes Review Committee (CORC) was established in the last year to focus senior, accountable and important clinical and non-clinical leadership on the most important aspect of healthcare delivery to the patient community; the delivery of safe, quality, compassionate care. The CORC is about encouraging and developing best practice in every area at GV Health. 

Its members are the most senior clinical governance inter-disciplinary committee at GV Health. Committee members include all executives and the most senior medical, nursing and allied health leaders. 

The CORC argues important clinical and system points and agree on critical clinical and systematic governance pathways to improve practice at GV Health.

Gaps and unsatisfactory clinical outcomes are deeply analysed in a safe environment, which also promotes blame free, shame-free speech. 

The CORC has been key to opening critical dialogue pathways between teams  and developing the honest philosophy of open disclosure. This committee has promoted transparent interdisciplinary collaboration and patient-centred care. 

Meetings are robust, full of lively and often passionate clinical debate and are extremely well attended, despite being held after hours to accommodate surgeons and clinicians who see patients during the day.

The medical and surgical engagement at the CORC is truly exemplary compared to many similar hospitals nationwide, where there is less robust engagement from doctors.