Providing health care around the clock


Message from the CEO

ceo.jpgGV Health provides health care services to the local community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It never closes. That is why we decided to design this year’s Quality of Care report around the clock; highlighting the many clinical and non-clinical roles and achievements that occur throughout every single day.

The Quality of Care report is produced as part of our commitment to increase community awareness of the safety and quality of GV Health services.

We are proud to announce that we achieved successful accreditation across four key areas this year:

  • National Standards
  • Disability
  • Home and Community Care
  • Mental Health

This success highlights that GV Health is an organisation focused on the highest quality and safety for its patients.

To outline our priorities for the next five years, the GV Health Strategic Plan 2014-2018 was launched this year.

The new plan was prepared in consultation with staff, partners and consumers, to ensure it reflects the current and future needs of our community.

The plan demonstrates GV Health’s commitment to leadership and best practice. It ensures a professional, approach to health care and is flexible and dynamic to respond to our constantly changing environment. It embraces collaborative partnerships, focuses on patient-centred care, and ensures the ongoing development of staff and regional leadership.

One of our main priorities this year has been to ensure that patient needs are at the heart of decision-making about our health service. In this report, you will read articles on areas where consumer, carer and staff voices are helping us shape the way we do things and improve the services we provide.

On behalf of the GV Health Board, staff, consumer representatives and volunteers, we
are proud to present our 2013/14 Quality of Care report to you. We hope it provides useful information about the continued improvements in the quality and safety of services at GV Health.

A brief printed summary of the Quality of Care report is available. If you would like a printed summary, please contact the Consumer Satisfaction Coordinator on (03) 5832 2322.